Thursday, December 20, 2012

San Antonio Lights in Chino, CA

One house set to music.
Rating: You Should Go

The lights on San Antonio are actually an entire block of houses between Cypress and San Antonio, Walnut and the 60 FWY (see map). When it gets closer to Christmas, police are hired to direct traffic starting on Cypress then going through to San Antonio. We went pretty early this year and on a weekday so a lot of
houses were setup but not lit, but I could tell it would be great on the weekends. This tends to be crowded on the weekend but not nearly as crowded as Thoroughbred Street so it's great if you live in the area and don't want to fight crowds. There are cul de sacs with strings of lights crossing the street, houses with lights set to music, and moving window/yard displays. I haven't seen any vendors or porta-potties like the Thoroughbred lights, though, so use the restroom beforehand and bring a snack because it's more of a walk than most other Christmas lit neighborhoods.

Me and my goddaughter at a picture spot.

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